Modular system of Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, gearboxes and dedicated controllers, all of them very compact. Required power supply 230Vac single-phase and three-phase. 5 available powers: 30W, 60W, 150W, 200W and 400W. Maximum speed 3000 rpm at rated torque.

Key features:

  • Flanges: 60x60mm, 80x80mm. 90x90mm and 104x104mm
  • Very little motor depth
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • Spur gearboxes with helical gears, on ball bearings, with reduction ratios from 5:1 up to 200:1
  • Controller with programmable profiles and interfaced to PLC via I/O
  • Excellent performance/price ratio for basic automation

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